Russian War Against Ukraine: Energy Dimension (Status as of May 6)

DiXi Group has prepared its next alert on the energy dimension of the Russian war against Ukraine.

  • Almost 710,600 consumers did not have access to electricity supply, over 225,000 consumers did not have gas supply.
  • Demining of the Chornobyl NPP industrial site was completed; however, the Exclusion Zone still remains dangerous because of the effects of occupation, including mines.
  • Ukrenergo simultaneously added 68 companies (mostly suppliers) to the “pre-default” list because of the arrears in payments for electricity transmission and dispatching.
  • 6.5 billion USD for Ukraine’s recovery was raised at the International Donors’ Conference in Warsaw. At the same time, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi announced the launch of the United24 fundraising platform, enabling easy donations for three purposes: 1) defense and demining; 2) humanitarian and medical assistance; 3) reconstruction of Ukraine.
  • The impact of the oil embargo on the economies of 27 EU member states will be manageable, leading to a decrease in revenues by 0.2-0.3% or app. 100 EUR per adult European citizen – the Minister of Energy Herman Halushchenko.

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