Russian War Against Ukraine: Energy Dimension (Status as of May 7)

DiXi Group has prepared its next alert on the energy dimension of the Russian war against Ukraine.

  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs warned of the intensification of attacks, sabotage groups, and provocations ahead of May 9; an extended curfew would be introduced in a number of regions.
  • Almost 697,000 consumers did not have access to electricity supply, over 219,000 consumers did not have gas.
  • Several facilities in the Exclusion Zone cannot fully resume operations due to disruption of logistics routes for equipment and spare parts, as well as lack of safe access for personnel.
  • The maximum retail prices on fuel, taking into account the trade margins set by the government, reached 42.63 UAH/liter for diesel fuel and 37.69 UAH/liter for petroleum.
  • Ukraine called for the immediate embargo on Russian oil and the start of consultations on the gas embargo. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba called intentions to postpone the embargo by 2023 a mistake.

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