Sanctions Against Russia – Effective or Still Not Enough?

On Thursday, January 23, the International Centre for Policy Studies organised an expert discussion “Sanctions Against Russia – Effective or Still Not Enough?” in Tallinn, Estonia.

Are the sanctions against Russia enough global in nature? Do the economic sanctions cause enough pressure? These and many other questions were raised during the seminar on January 23 at the ICDS. The event was moderated by ICDS Chief Executive Dmitri Teperik.

ICPS has prepared an analysis, specifying current gaps in the sanctions system, suggesting urgent improvements of individual and economic sanctions, as well as outlining clear benchmarks for revision of the sanctions regime. The report was introduced by Anastacia Galouchka and Kateryna Moskalenko from ICPS.

Paul Teesalu, Undersecretary for Political Affairs of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gave an overview of Estonia’s views and principles on sanctions imposed against Russia, and the approach of the European Union as a whole.

Raivo Vare, a well-known foreign and economic policy expert analysed Russia’s ability to withstand sanctions and brought out the areas, where Russia’s developments are therefore most affected.

You can download and read the ICPS study “Sanctions against Russia”.

Source: ICPS