Second Report on OPORA’s Observation Findings of 31 March 2019 Presidential Election

Formation of district election commissions and the beginning of their work were two main stages of election administration during the reporting period. Despite some difficulties on the stage of holding the first meetings, DECs are ready to administer the election. These commissions guarantee a wide representation of candidates for the President of Ukraine. However, unfortunately, there are still manipulations around quotas of “technical candidates”.

Misuse of administrative resources and transparency of campaign financing were two major challenges in February, aimed at guaranteeing the quality of the election process.

Although some candidates for the President of Ukraine have a practical opportunity to misuse administrative resources at national and local levels, the combination of in-office and campaigning activities of a Ukrainian presidential candidate Petro Poroshenko causes major problems. The effective President should make a clear distinction between his official duties and campaigning activities.

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