Second Wind: Will Ukrainian Regional Airports See the Take-off of European Low Cost Carriers?

In the last few years, the development of aviation has received an unprecedented boost in Ukraine.

In fact, Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure went as far in its enthusiasm as to advocate for the renovation, or even construction from scratch, of up to 50 airports around the country. Now, irrespective of whether Ukraine actually needs that many airports, this may seem like a long shot. However, is it?

To be able to gauge the ideal number of regional airports Ukraine should be developing, it makes sense to rely on three specific criteria. These include the country’s total area (the greater the span, the greater the number of airports that are needed), its population (the larger it is, the more promising the potential demand) and GDP per capita (the higher it is, the more significant the purchasing power in future). Of course, there are many other details, like the availability of specific time slots at airports, as well as their technical condition to begin with, but these three are key.

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