Service Film Production in Ukraine: Rise or Fall?

In the past years, it became a regular news cause: another major brand chooses a location in Kyiv, Lviv or Odesa to shoot their promotional video for the foreign audience. Ukrainian production studios were getting more and more clients, but this year things have changed, and not for the better. UkraineWorld prepared the short story of a rise, fall and current surviving of Ukrainian young and stubborn service production.

Interest in Ukraine as in a film set started long before major brands came here for TV advertising production.

In the 90s live-action films directors like Zhang Yimou (film The House of Flying Daggers) and Giuseppe Tornatore (film The Legend of 1900), were discovering the country as a perfect setting for their movies. By the beginning of the 2000s, a growing and inspiring boom of commissioned promotional projects resulted in a growing number and quality of local production studios, near 50 of them are now offering a wide range of services, from casting to post-production, impressively competing with studios from the neighbouring Czech Republic and Poland. Impressively, because no educational institutions or government support were provided to reach these results.

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