So, Who Is Our Partner №1?

Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Director of Economic Programmes at the Razumkov Centre, has analysed how increased competition between the USA and China in various domains could influence Ukraine.

Folk wisdom witnesses that when trying to sit on two chairs at the same time, no one has yet managed to sit on at least one. Obviously, our political leaders are convinced that they will nevertheless succeed in doing it.

In a recent “talk show”, the foreign minister of Ukraine described the partnership model of Ukraine as “simple”: the United States is a political partner and China is an economic partner for Ukraine. If we ignore the fact that in the globalisation era it is almost impossible to separate political and economic interests, then such a position could be welcomed. However, instead of congratulations, (at least) one more disappointment arises.

Of course, in the post-coronavirus period, the United States and China, as the countries with the largest economies, will have a decisive influence on global and national processes.

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