Social security and war in Ukraine (February 24 — April 30, 2022)

Cedos think tank monitors the impact of the war on social security in Ukraine. In this work, experts want to analyse the most important decisions and developments in this area and outline the main challenges. In particular, Cedos talks about the evacuation of children from vulnerable categories, residential social services, at-home care social services, and social service provision during the war.

The Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion into Ukraine became a challenge in all fields—and the social sphere, which cares for vulnerable, underprivileged, and marginalised population categories, is no exception.

Social service provision is one of the key areas of the social security system along with the payment of monetary welfare aid. The range of these services is quite broad, from at-home care services and various aids for overcoming difficult life circumstances to complex medical-social services which involve residential care at dedicated institutions.

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