05.05.2015. Sociological survey, Foreign policy orientation of Ukrainians, Razumkov Centre

According to a study, conducted by the Razumkov Centre from 6 to 12 March 2015, most (47.7%) Ukrainians think that relations with the EU should be the main foreign policy priority.

Only 10% of respondents believe the priority should be contacts with Russia, and 6.7% with other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

After Euromaidan and events connected to it, the share of those who chose the EU, when answering the question “What integration direction should Ukraine choose?”, rose (in May 2013 it was 41.7% in January 2014 – 45.7% in May 2014 – 50.5% in March 2015 – 52%, while the share of adherents of accession to the Customs Union declined – respectively 31%, 27.7%, 21.4% and 12.6%. However, compared to May 2013, the proportion of those who oppose accession to both the EU and Customs Union increased (from 13.5% to 22.6%).

Most citizens of Ukraine expressed a positive attitude to the European Union (58.7%) and the USA (53.5%). When it comes to NATO a positive attitude also dominates (44.7% – positive and 39.2% – negative), as well as the International Monetary Fund (respectively 44.8% and 34.9%). Most respondents expressed a negative attitude to Russia (67.3%) and the Customs Union (60.8%).

In April 2014 the respondents’ opinions regarding Ukraine’s withdrawal from the CIS were almost equal: 37.4% for withdrawal, 40,4% – against. According to the latest survey, those who advocate withdrawal from the CIS are in majority (respectively 43.3% and 33.8%). In April 2014, 59.5% of respondents did not support the introduction of a visa regime with Russia, only 26% supported. In March 2015, 46.7% of respondents would support such measure, 40.6% are against.

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