Staffs war on the equator of the second round

“In the second round, the rhetoric of the incumbent President has changed – he is trying to get more attention to his actions (in particular, staff decisions) from people who did not vote for him in the first round of the elections. Also, with his statements, he seeks to justify the hopes of his supporters. The task of Petro Poroshenko is to attract new voters to his side”, said UCIPR analyst Yulia Tyshchenko in her comment to the BBC. In the first round, the President had fought mostly with other opponents and thus allowed Zelensky to break away too far.

“Regarding Volodymyr Zelensky, we see, as before, active use of social networks and video conversations, the use of modern communication channels in communication with voters. In the second round, he uses video conversations to communicate with Poroshenko.  Zelensky’s staff presents him as a “new face”, a candidate who carries new qualities and new messages. However, the problem is that at present the society has not yet seen what these qualities and messages are”, – emphasised Yulia Tyshchenko.

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