#StandWithUkraine! Ukrainian Think Tanks for Peace and European Future of Ukraine


Statement of the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels.

Dear friends, colleagues and all people of good will!

For the past eight years, the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office has been representing Ukrainian think tanks, research institutes, and networks in Brussels. We provide European Institutions, European NGOs, and think tanks with reliable information and policy positions while strengthening the contacts between the EU and Ukraine and solidifying democracy in Ukraine. We work in cooperation with structures of the Ukrainian civil society and state institutions.

All this work is now at risk. The Ukrainian democracy is under direct threat and independent think tanks and institutes are in danger. Our team members are currently either in shelters or fighting against the Russian invaders.

At the same time, given that Russia’s war against Ukraine is a civilisation war of totalitarianism against democracy, having professional analysis is essential for saving lives, the Ukrainian statehood and democratic institutions, as well as life support systems.

We, therefore, remain committed to providing information and expertise and to keeping communication lines open with our colleagues in Ukraine.

We are available to:

  1. Provide up-to-date analysis about the situation in Ukraine directly from our network and contacts within Ukraine.
  2. Support European and international partners who want to help Ukrainian civil society with advice, contacts or intelligence.
  3. We are also here to advise if you are considering rearranging your activities with regards to Ukraine.

As Russia’s barbarian assault takes and brutally affects lives, we have also decided to expand our activities to be as helpful as possible to the people of Ukraine, and to those individuals and organisations around the world who already help and want to help in this difficult time.

For this, we have consolidated main sources of information detailing the ways to help Ukraine and resources on how to follow the latest developments in Ukraine. We are planning to continuously update this information. Here is the first collection of information. Please check the updates!


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                                                         Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!