The 2018 state budget

If we talk about expenditures, but rather about where additional money will go in line with the draft law on the State Budget for 2018, prepared for the second reading, it is local budgets, economic activity, defence and public order/judicial system.

Despite the speeches of some politicians and government leaders, the minimum wage was not changed at the time of preparation of the document for the second reading.

Thus, between the first and second reading, the plan of expenditures of the State Budget has increased by 39 billion UAH or by 4.2%. Almost 40 new programs were added.

Defense expenditures have increased by 2.9 billion UAH. Also, expenditures on public order, security and judicial power have increased by 1.8 billion UAH, primarily on security articles.

Expenditures on economic activity have increased by 7.3 billion UAH.

Expenditures on healthcare have been reduced – about 5 billion UAH for the primary was taken from the manager of the Ministry of Health to local budgets (respectively, increased the medical subvention).

First of all, subventions to local budgets have increased(by 29.4 billion UAH): a little on education, about 6 billion UAH for medicine (in line with lower spending on MOH), but above all on social subventions. For the financing of privileges and subsidies to the population for payment of housing and communal services 15.9 billion UAH (now the plan is 71 billion UAH) was added. This is more in line with the expert estimates of the need for funding for subsidies in 2018.

The vote for the budget is already on the agenda of the Parliament on December 7. Perhaps this year’s budget will not be “under the fir” and during the vote, there will be no significant change for the worse.

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