The eighth national poll: Psychological markers of the war (April 6, 2022)

As a part of the eighth wave of the “Ukraine during the war” project, the Sociological Group “Rating” conducted a study of the psychological markers of the war: the strategies of adaptation to stressful situations as well as the levels of resilience and psychological exhaustion.

  • Almost half of the respondents say that their emotional state is currently tense, while a third say that it is average. Another 20% say they feel calm. In general, the index of emotional stress is currently 3.5 points out of the possible 5 (last year it was 2.7). Women, those who are in difficult circumstances, and the elderly are more emotionally stressed.
  • 51% of the respondents say that they are currently in normal circumstances. 44% have difficulties, but their circumstances are tolerable, and only 5% say they are in difficult circumstances. Those who were less affected by the war report being in normal circumstances the most. These are the residents of the western regions of Ukraine, those who are fully employed, as well as those who have not relocated anywhere.
  • Most respondents use constructive strategies of adaptation to the challenging circumstances of the war: 50% actively solve problems and 13% seek support from others. At the same time, 35% opt for a more passive position: they are trying to wait out.