The Face of Escalation: Putin has already escalated the war. Semantics won’t stop him from going further

VoxUkraine has explained how it is possible to restrain Putin from further escalation.

President Biden’s impassioned words in Poland over the weekend encapsulate the increasing shock and terror the world is feeling as we watch Russia destroy Ukraine.

But while Biden refused to apologise for expressing his “moral outrage” at Putin’s brutality, a deep fear of triggering WWIII is hindering the U.S. and Europe from direct military action. Inside Ukraine, however, it feels like WWIII has already begun.

Unable to take Kyiv in a few days, the Russian army is bombing civilians. Unable to take Mariupol, the Russian military launched a siege eerily reminiscent of what Nazi Germany once did to Putin’s hometown of Leningrad. Unable to force Ukrainians to surrender, Russian soldiers are shooting protesters and evacuees and deporting Ukrainian civilians to Russia.

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