The last colonial war in Europe or why Ukraine cannot surrender

VoxUkraine has explained why Ukrainians give everything they have in the war.

Ukraine is fighting the last anti-colonial war in Europe. If it loses, it will cease to exist and the law of the jungle will be a new global order. Thus, Ukrainians have no choice but to fight. And the world, if it wants to restore a rules-based global order, should help Ukraine win.

Military experts speculated that the Russian army was going to roll over Ukraine in 48 hours. It has been more than three weeks and counting since the start of the Russian invasion. Ukraine proved the experts wrong. In desperate attempts to break the will of Ukraine, the Russian armed forces are committing unspeakable atrocities against civilianschildren, and pregnant women. Mauripol, a Russian-speaking city in the South East of Ukraine, was reduced to rubble by the Russian bombardment but the city has not surrendered. Many people wonder how Ukraine can get so much determination and courage to continue the battle and why Ukrainians won’t “just surrender.”

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