The Normandy Summit Ended With No Breakthroughs: What Has It Achieved?

Mariia Zolkina, analyst at the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, prepared an article for NV.

The Normandy Summit in December 2019 played an important role. The tension seemed to have accumulated around the Donbas theme for more than six months and began to “tear” Ukrainian society from the inside. It seems that the key players left the field for a break – exhale, but will they return at all for the second half?

The greatest relief from all the results of the Norman meeting can be formulated like this: no betrayal took place. However, as one might expect, no acceleration in conflict resolution has taken place either. The first paragraph of the final Paris document is not fulfilled. The security situation was more aggravated, the “silence” agreed upon by the leaders of the “Norman Quartet” was not observed on a single day, and two days after the summit, Ukraine had already started counting the wounded and further killed in the declared “truce”.

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