The Troll Network exposed a network of approximately 2 thousand Facebook users, which had close ties with groups of “Stepan Mazura”, a DNR combatant; the latter has long pretended to be a Ukrainian patriot. It is a network of public groups and users who spread calls for riots and protests under disguise of patriotic slogans.

It is not just Mazura himself but the whole social network tied to him loudly appeals for a forcible overthrow of the Ukrainian government. Naturally, some of these accounts are real people with real political beliefs, who are not linked with Russia in any possible way. has reconstructed the network based on connections between Facebook accounts. If you found yourself on our visualisation diagrams, it is just one more reason to think who your Facebook friends are and to what extent the communities where you post your opinions are contaminated with trolls.

For the beginning, let’s provide definitions. The “trolls” are accounts of real people or robots, which are used for political propaganda.

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