The war has not halted reforms: an overview of the first quarter of 2022

The government never stopped working on long-term economic reforms, despite having to quickly restructure its work at the end of February to meet wartime needs. In the first quarter of 2022, VoxUkraine spotted 35 important changes. This is significantly less than at the end of the previous year when there were as many as 57. However, it is comparable to the third-quarter results for 2021, when 39 regulations entered the Reform Index.

Among the 35 important changes, 34 were positive, and only one turned out to be anti-reform, namely the law on localisation in mechanical engineering signed by the President in early January. Read more about the significant developments below.

Key changes

In the first quarter of 2022, the following three events scored as high as +2.0 points (in the range from -5 to +5), which in experts’ opinion, separates significant reforms from less important ones.

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