Theory of Lying. First-ever Ranking of Populists and Liars in Ukrainian Politics from VoxUkraine

Olena Shkarpova, VoxCheck Project editor, and the team of VoxCheck analysts, science editors and volunteers prepared the ranking of populists and liars in Ukrainian politics.

“The industry is growing; the exports are increasing; the country has gone up in international rankings; investments have been pouring in; road construction is underway.”.

“Total impoverishment of the people; genocide; the authorities keep exterminating the population; 60% of the people are below the poverty line; there is hyperinflation.”.

This is how our country is described in statements of the Ukrainian authorities and of the opposition. Who is to be believed? With the onset of the political season, that is, from September 2017, the fact-checking project VoxCheck started following the statements of the top 20 politicians forming the political agenda. Within two months, its fact-checkers collected 424 quotes, of which only a little over one third proved to be true. That is, in two cases out of three politicians tell bare-faced lies, manipulate, or hyperbolise.

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