Transparency of Parliamentary Committees of Ukraine

The Civil Network “OPORA” continues to monitor the work of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. It has assessed 27 Parliamentary Committees in order to facilitate their transparency.

In general, OPORA has analyzed websites of Committees and checked their conformity to 34 criteria. 

The results show that:

– 16 Parliamentary Committees promulgate more than 50% of public information;

– 3 Committees cover only half of their activities – 50%;

– 8 Committees publish less than 50% of the required information.

In general, there is a positive tendency as for the promulgation of  public information by Committees.  Comparing to the monitoring conducted in October 2016 the results have improved significantly. Thus, openess of  21 parliamentary committees has increased. Openess of  three committees has not changed, and openess of three committees has declined.

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