Travel Freedom: How Ukrainians Benefit From The Visa-Free Regime With The EU

Vitalii Rybak, analyst at Internews Ukraine and UkraineWorld, highlighted how Ukrainians benefit from the visa-free regime with the EU.

Before June 2017, when visas were still necessary for Ukrainians to go to the EU, the preparations would be quite different. We would have had to collect a whole bunch of documents for our visa applications: plane tickets, hotel bookings, insurance, proof of employment, proof of funds. Then we would have to apply personally at the visa application centre and pay a 35 euros processing fee and service fee of approximately 20 euros. After that, several weeks of waiting.

That’s the main benefit of the visa-free regime—it gives freedom to travel without hassle, even spontaneously. Since June 2017, Ukrainians no longer have to stand in queues and prepare tons of documents in order to obtain the right to take a short-term trip to the EU. The visa-free regime has increased the number of Ukrainian tourists visiting the EU.

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