True or Not: How the Narrative about “External Governance” Spreads on Facebook

UkraineWorld takes a look at Facebook pages and groups writing about the “external governance” of Ukraine by the collective West since the beginning of the year.

Ever since the Euromaidan in 2013-2014, pro-Russian and anti-Western media and opinion leaders have been criticising Ukraine’s cooperation with the EU, NATO, and the U.S. by spreading a conspiratorial narrative about the “external governance” of Ukraine by its Western partners.

According to this narrative, Ukraine has been under the covert external governance of Western puppet-masters, creditors, and “sorosiata” (“Soros minions”) ever since 2014. The end goal of this “external governance” is ostensibly to drain natural resources from Ukraine, control all state-owned enterprises and turn our state into a colony.

While spreading this narrative, anti-Western actors use information about Ukraine’s cooperation with the IMF, the EU, and other organisations, but distort it to create a narrative according to which Ukraine lacks agency and is merely told what to do from abroad, and hence has lost its independence.

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