Truthers Against Tragedy: How Kremlin Fans Are Trying To Discredit the MH17 Investigation On Twitter

Russia is using disinfo networks on Twitter to discredit the tribunal prosecuting those accused of being responsible for the MH17 tragedy. This network is also attacking Bellingcat — a research group which has proven Russia’s guilt.

When the MH17 court case resumed in June 2020, Russia activated its disinformation network on Twitter. UkraineWorld used Hoaxy, an online tool visualising the spread of messages online, to study which accounts have been conversation starters on the MH17 topic.

One of the key accounts in this network is Bonanza Media, which calls itself a “platform for independent journalists.” According to the “About Us” section on its website, the organisation “welcome[s] to [its] team independent journalists that investigate most troubling issues all around the world in a thorough manner and truthful way.” However, articles published on the website are almost exclusively dedicated to one topic – the MH-17 trial. This fact becomes less surprising when we take a look at Bonanza’s co-founders.

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