Ukraine discusses opportunities and threats of the European Green Deal

On 16 June 2020, Ukrainian and European politicians, officials and experts discussed Ukraine’s role in the European Green Deal. The online discussion brought together representatives of the parliament, ministries of Ukraine, European Commission, business-associations and civil society.

The event revealed high interest in exploring Ukraine’s involvement in the European Green Deal implementation.

There are several possible scenarios for Ukraine to react to European Green Deal – from keeping status-quo to proactive steps by Ukraine to encourage a joint road map to include Ukraine’s into this process. All speakers – representing government, parliament and the EU side – were consentient that time to act is now. Participants shared a view that the EU shows political will to include Ukraine into this process, develop common approaches and rules of the game. The participants also discussed the need to enhance existing instruments to involve Ukraine into the European Green Deal (in particular, the Association Agreement, Energy Community Treaty and Eastern Partnership).

Climate change is a central theme of the European Green Deal. Climate change mitigation and adaption should be mainstreamed into all policies (energy, transport and other sectors) therefore improve quality of life in Ukraine. However, Ukraine is concerned about likely genitive effect of the so-called carbon border adjustment mechanism planned by the EU.

For information:

  • Video recording of the discussion:
  • Green vectoring for Ukraine: taking the opportunities and avoiding threatsevent organised by the Resource & Analysis Center “Society and Environment”, Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting and DiXi Group, Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels with the financial support of the International Renaissance Foundation.
  • “European Green Deal: Opportunities and Threats for Ukraine” policy paper was presented on 26 May 2020. English language executive summary is available here: