Ukraine-EU: Path to Political Association

The Razumkov Centre presented the publication “Ukraine-EU: Path to Political Association”.

Political association with the EU and solidarity in the world arena have an ever higher significance considering the turbulent political landscape, new challenges, and threats on the continent of Europe. At the same time, the rapprochement of Kyiv and Brussels in the political sphere, European principles, and norms taking root in Ukraine’s domestic practices, the world-view and sociocultural identification with the European community are basic elements of Eurointegration and are the major prerequisite for successful implementation of internal reforms. In this respect, an important resource for the Ukrainian authorities, as well as an argument in the dialogue with the EU is stable, dominant support for the idea of Eurointegration in Ukraine’s civil society, leading political forces, representatives of expert milieu, etc.

The Association Agreement is a signpost of domestic transformations and the benchmark of efficiency of Ukraine’s Eurointegration process. Political association and economic integration are «the ideological nucleus» of this document.

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