Ukraine freezes on the verge of changes in communication of the state with the citizens

Yevhen Shkolnyi, Expert of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform, wrote an article on the importance of approving the administrative procedure reform in Ukraine and called on the Parliament to promote it.

On September 2, 2020, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted in the first reading the draft law on administrative procedure (reg. #3475). This draft law is aimed at radically changing the philosophy of relations between officials and citizens. In particular, respect for human rights, human dignity and participation in decision-making are defined as the main priority. Meanwhile, legal relations for the adoption of administrative acts in Ukraine are regulated haphazardly and with significant gaps. For example, a person’s pension amount may be reduced without ever informing or engaging them to the case. Administrative procedures and their individual elements can be fundamentally different for different areas, such as construction, land, tax, etc. They often do not take into account basic European standards of administrative procedure, in particular, in terms of compliance with key individual rights and responsibilities of the administrative body.

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