Ukraine has made significant progress in 4 of the 20 expected Eastern Partnership deliverables over the last year – UNP EaP CSF

This is stated in the monitoring report “Ukraine’s progress in implementation of 20 Eastern Partnership deliverables for 2020”, which was presented by the Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (UNP EaP CSF).

The roadmap “20 Eastern Partnership deliverables for 2020” was adopted in 2017. Since then, UNP EaP CSF has been annually monitoring Ukraine’s progress in these areas. In 2019-2020, Ukraine achieved the greatest progress in the areas of “Gaps in access to finance and financial infrastructure”, “Security”, “Research and Innovation” and “European School of the Eastern Partnership”. These areas received the maximum score (+++) from the competent experts who analysed them. Sphere of “Energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions” received the lowest score (+).

According to Hennadiy Maksak, report’s editor and executive director of the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”, all data presented in the report was verified with the ability of state institutions to jointly see the situation and assess the state’s efforts. He also said that only the Ukrainian national platform produces such a product periodically.

Speakers at the event shared the vision of the future format of the Eastern Partnership. It should provide the prospect of EU membership for those countries that are demonstrating success in achieving the objectives and approximation of legislation. This opinion was expressed by Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, Chair of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Ukraine’s Integration into the European Union, Zoriana Makarukha, Head of the High-Level Dialogue Expert Group of the Government Office for the Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration and Maryna Mykhaylenko, Director of the Directorate-General for the European Union and NATO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

According to Zoriana Makarukha, the fact that Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova are implementing the Association Agreement, necessitates the launch of a new format of cooperation between the EU and these countries. The enhanced EaP+ format should form the basis of a new policy document and a new Eastern Partnership policy.

Maryna Mykhaylenko said that Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova speak with one voice in promoting common interests. The countries called for the creation of an enhanced dialogue format “EU + 3 Associate Partners” within the EaP, particularly in the area of ​​DCFTA implementation and sectoral integration. During previous years, two informal meetings were held in this format. Formalising and expanding such a dialogue is the task for now.

2020 is the final year of the implementation of the roadmap “20 Eastern Partnership deliverables for 2020”, as the policy of the EaP is changing with the adoption of the new EU budget (2021-2027) and the new Neighborhood, Development, and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI). Therefore, the launch of the new roadmap should be expected at the next Eastern Partnership Summit, which is scheduled for March 2021.

Source: Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting