Ukraine mobilises international law: ways to punish Russia for aggression and more

The Legal Front is fighting for the prosecution of the aggressor state and its leadership. Yevhen Krapivin, expert of Centre of Policy and Legal Reform, has considered all ways to achieve justice for Ukraine.

On the legal front, during the week of the war, Ukraine has already appealed to a number of international criminal justice institutions accusing Russia of military aggression and war crimes and has launched an investigation at the national level. We are witnessing an unexpectedly quick response from international institutions due to the scale of the aggression, so we can rest assured that Ukraine has mobilised (enforced) extremely clumsy mechanisms of international law. We decided to gather information about all the appeals and reactions to them so that everyone could see the actions happening on the legal front and the prospects of bringing to justice the aggressor state, its leadership, and the military staff that committed war crimes against civilians.

From the point of view of the “Hague law” and the “Geneva law”, which constitute the international humanitarian law, we can speak of individual responsibility for 1) war crimes; 2) crimes against humanity and the responsibility of the state and its military-political leadership for 3) genocide; 4) the crime of [military] aggression.

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