Ukraine on the scale of European values

Kateryna Potapenko from the Ukrainian Center for European Policy prepared an article “Ukraine on the scale of European values” for BlogActiv. 

The World Values Survey initiated in 1981 within years became a powerful instrument of progress assessment for each country-participant as well as a helpful tool of geopolitical planning. For Ukraine this large-scale project has never been more relevant then nowadays, showing both Ukraine’s readiness to share European values and a significant gap on the way of European integration. It does not only allow to track the progress of Ukrainian society in key issues of value orientations, as well as to compare with the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries, but also can potentially modify the directions taken by the Ukrainian government in different domains of legislative implementation and demonstrate foreign partners the objective state of play.

With mostly consoling results that show some progress within the country (such as the number of Ukrainians who consider themselves happy is 78% in 2020, compared to 68% in 2011, as well as those who think they are in good health – 45% this year, in comparison with 37% in 2011 etc.), on the scale with EU-countries those rates are still at the very bottom.

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