Ukraine seeks to reinvent its relations with the UK after Brexit

Contrary to what one might think, Brexit has set a brand new agenda for a far wider circle of actors than just for Great Britain and the European Union. With its own interests and goals, Ukraine is no exception.

With London now having to reframe its relations with many states and entities simultaneously, there is a risk Ukraine will have to wait until the UK settles its affairs with more heavyweight actors. The problem, however, is that some matters in Ukrainian-British relations are critically urgent for Kyiv. For instance, given that the UK no longer formally participates in EU’s anti-Russian sanctions, Ukraine wants its British partners to introduce their own equivalent sanctions as soon as possible.

James Nixey, Director of the Russia and Eurasia programme at Chatham House, admits that there is a risk of London having “no room for a ‘charity case’ like Ukraine” against the backdrop of its primary focus on making Brexit successful. “On the flipside, however, having left the EU, the UK may well be keen to double down on its other international commitments – not least security,” Nixey tells UkraineWorld.

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