Ukraine’s electoral system needs change

Since 2014, politicians have been promoting and supporting the idea of changing the electoral system, but no significant steps have been made yet.

This was stated by Olha Aivazovska, Electoral and Parliamentary Programs Coordinator of the Civil Network OPORA, in her article to the “”.

All political players have openly declared their commitment to the idea of abolition of the elections in single-mandate majority constituencies in favour of introduction of the proportional system with open regional lists.

Open lists are not a panacea for political corruption, disrespect for citizens’ rights to elect and to be elected, unfair manipulations, or direct abuse. But they give a chance to launch a real competition between political players, not only within the district but within one political force.

The proportional system with open lists will change the quality of the parliament in a few election cycles and this process will be irreversible.

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