Ukraine’s policy regarding the front-line, liberated and occupied territories of the Donbas for the purpose of their reintegration

Ukrainian-controlled territories of the Donbas region continue to exist in a complex and ambiguous information environment.

The main features of this environment are the low level of trust to various sources of information, access to Russian media and the media of so-called “republics”, the “habit” to watch Russian mass media, which a part of local residents have, a number of claims regards the quality and methods of presenting information by Ukrainian media which are covering the issues of the conflict and general processes in the Donbas.

On the basis of the qualitative research conducted, it is possible to distinguish a number of recommendations. In particular it is advisable:

  • To explain to the public the strategy of the authorities to solve a range of  related problems
  • To give more attention to information with positive connotations
  • To apply more methods of “soft power” for reintegration
  • To ensure efficiency, balance of ideas, objective presentation of information by media
  • To provide more “resource” information – e.g. about available opportunities, programs (both state and non-state), contests, initiatives, etc.

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