Ukrainian Education in the New Era

The Soviet model education system, which was adjusted to independent Ukraine, does not suit modern times. This is the claim that has long been voiced by teachers, parents, and school leavers. Even though it is the XXI century now, regarded as the era of digital technologies and information, just a few years ago educators were still focused working on old principles, students were sitting at desks that were made in 1930s, and paper lesson plans as well as school journals made up an inseparable part of the study system. Nevertheless, a few years ago it was decided to reform the education system in Ukraine. How are the changes progressing? And what results do we already have?

What is Planned for Implementation? There are plans to transform the Ukrainian education system turned into an innovative environment, where school and university students acquire skills and abilities to obtain knowledge independently and apply it in practice. Such is the core idea of the reform. The reform involves introduction of new educational standards, improvement of the material and technical base, creation of a transparent system of funding of educational establishments, as well as increasing the prestige of the teacher’s profession. New state standards of secondary, vocational, and higher education will be introduced based on the competency approach.

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