“Ukrainians are Russians” and external governance of Ukraine, now also from China. Disinformation monitor #87

The Data Journalism Agency TEXTY conducted a media monitoring of Russian disinformation topics for the period of 5 – 11 July 2021.

  • Pumping up the language conflict and writing the “Ukrainians are Russians
  • Negiotiations with China were turned into nostalgia over the USSR
  • Demonising Ukrainian nationalists
  • Accusing Ukraine of unwillingness to settle peace in the Donbas.

What’s new in disinformation?

The theses of the “Russian world” certainly cannot be called new, but recently there are more and more texts and quotes from Russian (and some Ukrainian) politicians to support them. Although Putin’s article was published this week and will be monitored next week, there were plenty of reasons last week to inflame the language conflict, demonise Ukrainian nationalists, and criticise the Ukrainian government through the prism of its ethnic policies.

In addition, much has been written about geopolitics and how the West rules Ukraine and does not give it enough support, forcing it to turn to China.

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