Verkhovna Rada 8.0: Parliament’s work assessment

On 13 July 2018, the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation and the Reanimation Package of Reforms (RPR) held a press conference entitled “Verkhovna Rada 8.0: Parliament’s work assessment”.

54% of the population do not see any successful reform in Ukraine. Pension (7%), military (6.5%), decentralisation  (6%) and healthcare (6%) reforms are considered to be relatively successful. Experts of the Reanimation Package of Reforms assessed the reforms at 2.73 points on a 5-point scale. Such data was presented by Iryna Bekeshkina, a member of the RPR Board and Director of the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, during a discussion at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center.

The lack of proper communication between the government and the population is one of the main reasons why the assessment of reforms is so low. Only 10% of Ukrainians are fully satisfied with how the government informs society about its work and reforms. Meanwhile, 47% of citizens think that the information provided by the government does not correspond to reality and can’t be trusted.

58% of Ukrainians consider that the anti-corruption reform is the most important. Healthcare reform took the second place. “Until we have obvious success in combating corruption, other reforms will be underestimated”,  emphasised Iryna Bekeshkina.

According to experts, among the key reform drivers are NGOs (94%), the West (62%), and the government (56%). The biggest obstacles to the reforms are oligarchs (67%), bureaucracy and officials (55%). The population of Ukraine share this point of view (39%, respectively).

Parliamentary reform is the most important reform. Such an opinion was expressed by Igor Kohut, Director of the USAID RADA Program. “I think this is a key reform. This is reform over reforms. Healthcare reform or tax reform, or reform of electoral legislation can’t be effective and inclusive when there are no qualitatively new procedures in the parliament”, he assured.

RPR experts also analysed which bills were passed by Parliament during the last session. Thus, 10 bills passed by the Verkhovna Rada were included in the RPR reforms agenda. The Law “On Currency”, the Law “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding Restoration of Lending”, the Law “On Privatisation of State Property” were among them.

The Parliament failed three important bills from the RPR reforms agenda. “In particular, draft law 2489 “On Service in Local Self-Government Bodies”, which had to identify new legal and organisational principles of service in local self-government bodies as a profile and politically impartial activity, unfortunately, was not supported by the Verkhovna Rada”, – said Taras Shevchenko, Co-Chairman of the RPR Board, Director of the Center for Democracy and Rule of Law. In addition, the Parliament still has not appointed 13 members of the Central Election Commission. “This debt hangs from 2014”, – said Taras Shevchenko.

Source: UCMC