Visa-free regime – the EU intstrument of influence on reforms implementation in Ukraine

On the 8th of July the discussion “Visa Liberalization for Ukraine: Options and Implications” was held in Berlin. The event brought together Ukrainian experts representing Europe without Barriers, Anti-corruption Action Centre, other member organizations of the platform Reanimation Package of Reforms, politicians, representatives of the civic organisations and think-tanks.

The experts of Europe without Barriers emphasized that granting the visa-free regime between the EU and Ukraine without delay will allow civic society and Europe to advance further reforms. Otherwise, the efforts might be wasted.

Iryna Sushko, executive director of Europe without Barriers indicated  “Visa-free regime has a grand symbolic meaning for Ukrainian civic opinion, which,in fact, exceeds its practical importance. That is why, it remains one of the most efficient instruments of influence on authorities for advancing reforms in such areas as fight with corruption, security and migrations.We can definitely say, after implementation of all conditions of Visa-liberalisation Action Plan by Ukraine, any delay on the EU side can destroy lobby mechanism of the reform completely”.

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