30.04.2015. Visit of European experts to Ukraine, IWP

Institute of World Policy (IWP) in partnership with Centre for International Affairs, Spain, has organized a two-day working visit of European experts to Ukraine. 27 leaders of European public opinion – representatives of the best EU think tanks, editors and journalists from leading European media took part in the visit.

During the visit, meetings with members of the Verkhovna Rada, discussions with leading Ukrainian experts and public figures, as well as a roundtable with regional leaders, who IWP invited from Kyiv to Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk took place. A new item on the program this year was a visit to the “Museum of Corruption”, the residence of former president Viktor Yanukovych –  “Mezhyhiria”.

Among the participants: Anna Allonso Montes (Chief Editor, El Mundo), Luigi Ippolito (Head of International Department, Corriere della Sera), Peter Kolarzh (public figure, former Czech Ambassador in the United States and Russia) Lewis Bassett (Deputy Director of El País ) Korentin Brustlayn (French Institute for International Relations), Boris Reitschuster (author of the bestseller “Putinokratiya”), Stefan Dobbert (Chief Editor, Zeit Online), Tim Judah (writer, columnist, The Economist, New York Book Review), Pedro Del Re (columnist, La Republica), Christoph Bender (Vice President, European Stability Initiative), Anton Bendazhevski (Director, Hungarian Geopolitical Institute of Russia and Central Asia), Carmen Claudine (senior analyst at the Center for International Studies, Barcelona), etc.

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