Visit of Ukrainian students to Brussels

On the 2 June 2015, in the framework of a study visit of Ukrainian students to Brussels, a roundtable with the Executive Director of the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels, Olena Prystayko, took place. The topic of the roundtable “Think Tanks in Brussels and the Ukraine-Crisis: mastering the challenge?”During the roundtable, students had the opportunity to learn about Office’s history, its achievements as well as challenges related to the activities in Brussels and plans for the future. Executive Director of the Office also spoke about the role of think tanks in reforming Ukraine, what problems they face today and what Ukrainian think tanks can learn from the think tanks in the EU. A special attention during the presentation of the Office was paid to its partnership with the EU institutions and which means of influence Office has on the EU’s decision-making process on Ukraine.

Students were also interested to hear the opinion of the Executive Director of the Office concerning Ukraine’s future membership in the EU. Ms. Prystayko was positive about the prospects of Ukraine’s membership, but believed that Ukraine should give member states more arguments to support its accession. In fact, “technology and methodology of effective promotion of Ukraine abroad can be learned, but the situation with reforms in Ukraine cannot be made look better than what it actually is. This is the greatest challenge of all”, added Ms. Prystayko.

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