Water quality data are now available to everyone

The unified state open data portal (data.gov.ua) got a new database on May 23, 2018. The State Water Agency of Ukraine made public data of the state monitoring of surface waters, which includes data from 435 monitoring stations using 16 quality indicators over eight water basins gathered in 2008-2018. The data are to be updated every 85 days. This public information is accessible in machine-usable format, i.e. it can be recognised and processed by a computer software. Thus, citizens will be able to access relevant information on water quality in their region, and also make use of it for control purposes.

Global Open Data Index reports that water quality data are among the most closed in the world – only 15 countries (out of 94 studied) made water quality information accessible in machine-usable format. Now Ukraine is among those countries.

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