Weekly analytics for 14 – 20 September 2021

The Centre of Policy and Legal Reform has prepared its weekly expert analysis of the most important processes in Ukraine in areas of constitutionalism, political parties and elections, governance and public administration reform, judiciary, combatting corruption, criminal justice, etc.

The head of the СJU promised to fulfill the requirements of the law regarding the delegation of candidates to the Ethics Council.

On September 16, a meeting was held at the President’s Office concerning support for judicial reform in Ukraine, attended by MPs, the Minister of Justice, the Head of the Council of Judges of Ukraine (CJU), the Supreme Court, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, as well as the G7 and European Union’s ambassadors. The meeting was initiated by the President in response to the CJU’s failure to vote for candidates for the Ethics Council, which blocked the cleansing and renewal of the High Council of Justice (HCJ) (more details available in the weekly analysis for September 7-13). The Head of the CJU, according to the President’s Office, reported that the CJU is intending to implement this law and promised that the work on the delegation of its representatives to the Ethics Council will continue.

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