What do Ukrainians think about NATO?

Oleksiy Melnyk, Co-Director of Foreign Relations and International Security Programmes, Coordinator of International Projects at the Razumkov Centre, has analysed what Ukrainians think about NATO.

Recent actualisation of issues pertaining to NATO and Ukraine has made us think about the current perception of the North Atlantic Alliance in Ukraine.

And what is important – how it is perceived in different regions of the country. What did the latest sociological study by the Razumkov Centre show?

Firstly, we have seen that as of April 2021, strong and relatively stable support for Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic course has been formed in Ukrainian society. That is, if we hypothesise that a nationwide referendum on Ukraine’s accession to NATO would be held now, we can hope for a high turnout and a convincing majority of votes for the country’s accession to the Alliance.

Secondly, over the last six years, there have been signs of stabilisation of public opinion. What does it mean? It means that since the period of the rapid growth of public support from less than 20% to almost 50% in 2014-2015, only slight fluctuations in the level of support and distribution of votes between opponents and supporters of accession have been observed.

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