What should be the General directions of the budget policy for 2018-2020?

What should be the new Budget Resolution 2018-2020, so that it would become the first brick in the fundamental changes in approaches and responsibilities for the formation of budgetary policy?

On June 14, at a regular meeting, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the draft General directions of the budget policy for 2018-2020. However, “in accordance with regulatory requirements,” the Government is planning to finalise the text of this document for the next three days before it is finally submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In 2017, this basic document for the formation of state and local budgets is being developed on a new methodology for three years to implement the previously adopted decision to conduct an experiment for the introduction of medium-term budget planning.

Based on the provisions of the presentation of the draft General directions for the budget policy for 2018-2020, it should be sufficiently substantially filled with both national-scale figure data and certain areas of work.

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