What was written about the war in Russian news

The Data Journalism Agency TEXTY  has analysed news on Russian websites for February 24 to 27 and reviewed what the enemy was telling its population about the attack on Ukraine.

To do this, TEXTY has rearranged its model of disinformation monitoring and analysed almost 11,000 news items from Russian state media and manipulative websites that purposefully spread Russian disinformation.

In the first four days, the Russian propaganda machine tried to provide dosed information about the hostilities and their consequences for Russia. About 30-35% of news publications of the state Russian media and Russian garbage “news” media were devoted to the topic of the invasion of Ukraine. The majority of these materials were reprints of Vladimir Putin’s theses on “historical injustice,” “demilitarisation,” “denazification,” and so on.

Russian information troops have also been actively involved in spreading disinformation reports about the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the capture of our soldiers. There were fakes about shelling and aggression against the civilian population by Ukraine.

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