What We Have NOT Heard From the President

Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Director of Economic Programmes at the Razumkov Centre, analysed six issues that President Zelensky did not address during his press conference.

According to surveys by the Razumkov Centre, socio-economic development issues are usually among the key concerns of Ukrainians. So, there were hopes that the Head of the State in two years of his presidency will finally speak correctly and concretely (and not in the format of slogans) about what kind of country the current government is trying to build. However, hopes were again dashed, unconvincing arguments increased doubts about the rationality of presidential positions, the selectivity of raised points additionally contributed to the reorientation of certain “uncomfortable” issues to anti-oligarchic rhetoric or references to the previous ruling team.

First of all, we have not heard how, in the context of the escalation of the pandemic, extensive quarantine restrictions, loss of businesses, wages, household incomes, it was possible to spend half of the anti-coronavirus fund on the roads.

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