What’s With Trust in Ukrainian Politics

Ruslan Minich, analyst at Internews Ukraine and at UkraineWorld, analysed the situation with trust in Ukrainian politics.

In March 2019, Ukrainians will vote for their next president. The election campaign seems to have actually started. But the question is which politician Ukrainians can trust – who can deliver on his/her words and promises.

The latest polls regarding possible presidential candidates (Rating Group, KIIS, and SOCIS) are led by the leaders of parliamentary opposition parties, namely Yuliia Tymoshenko, Oleh Liashko and Yurii Boiko, as well as the incumbent president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. Vadym Rabinovych and Anatolii Hrytsenko, who chair their own non-parliamentary parties, also have high ratings.

One feature distinguishing the upcoming elections is the high support for non-politicians, namely popular singer Sviatoslav Vakarchuk and comedian and showman Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

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