Who will challenge Trump: U.S. presidential nomination has started

Volodymyr Dubovyk, Director of Center for International Studies, analysed the start of the U.S. election campaign and potential candidates.

Donald Trump has only recently crossed the equator of his presidency. However, preparation for the next election is already rapidly gaining momentum. The key question is who will become the opponent of the current president? First of all, from the Democratic Party, where the nomination process has already started.

It is clear today that there will be a lot of candidates. And this despite the fact that several people from possible contenders have already decided not to participate in the race, and some real high-ranking candidates have not yet formally announced their nomination.

Observers are joking about where there will be more candidates: in the Presidential elections in Ukraine or from the Democrats in the 2020 elections. And although the Democrats won’t have 44 candidates, the number of people willing to participate will be unusually high.

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