Why two gas bills: a video explanation from DiXi Group

DiXi Group has prepared a video explanation of what two gas bills mean for consumers in Ukraine. 

In the past, the natural gas delivery price was included in one bill. But now, we pay separately for gas as a commodity and for its transmission via distribution networks to gas stoves, water heaters or heating boilers.

Two bills are about responsibility: separately of the operator of gas pipeline and separately for gas from a supplier. From now on, we can freely change a supplier, choosing a better offer. These are European market rules and the ability of consumers to influence gas prices and the quality of supply service. These bills are about the division of responsibility. We pay separately for delivery and separately for gas.

This video, created with the assistance from the NEURC as part of USAID’s Energy Sector Transparency project implemented by DiXi Group, became possible thanks to support from the American people, provided via the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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