Why we should never forget about Crimea

Six years ago, in February 2014, Russia started an operation to establish its military and political control over Crimea.

Since then, there has been much geopolitical talk. People discuss whether the 2014 “referendum” and annexation were illegitimate, whether sanctions against Russia are efficient and whether Crimea has “always” been Russian.

Volodymyr Yermolenko’s answer to these questions is simple.

No, annexation was not legitimate, because it was preceded by a Russian military operation directed by President Putin himself, as he now admits.

Yes, sanctions against Russia are necessary, but no, they are not fully observed, as there are hundreds of cases when, for example, vessels violated the sanctions regime.

And no, Crimea is not a “sacred Russian land”, as it belonged to Russia for only 5 percent of its written history.

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